Can OnStar Unlock My Car Without Subscription

Can OnStar Unlock My Car Without Subscription?

In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience is critical, it’s no wonder that services like OnStar have become indispensable for many car owners. However, as with any subscription-based service, questions often arise regarding what happens when the subscription expires. One such query frequently appears: Can OnStar Unlock My Car Without Subscription? Buckle up and join us on this informative ride as we delve into unlocking cars without a subscription to OnStar.

Can OnStar Unlock My Car Without Subscription?

Can OnStar Unlock My Car Without Subscription

Many people have been in that frustrating situation where they realize they’ve locked their keys inside their car. In moments like these, having a service like OnStar can be a lifesaver. But what if you don’t have an active subscription? Can OnStar still unlock your car for you? The answer might surprise you.

While OnStar is known for its many services, including emergency assistance and vehicle diagnostics, one feature that stands out is its ability to remotely unlock your car. However, this feature is typically only available to active subscribers. So, if you find yourself locked out without a subscription, does that mean you’re out of luck? Not necessarily.

Without an active subscription to Onstar, there are still options available to get your car unlocked by OnStar. One way is utilizing the OnStar Guardian app – a separate service offered by GM that allows drivers without subscriptions to access certain features on a limited basis, including unlocking their cars. Another option is contacting local law enforcement or roadside assistance services, which can assist in getting your vehicle unlocked.

How Does OnStar Unlock a Car?

OnStar, the renowned vehicle assistance service, provides a seamless and secure method for unlocking distressed cars. Using advanced technologies, OnStar offers multiple ways to access locked vehicles without damaging them. 

With the Onstar App

Another notable technique OnStar uses is creating an unlock link via their mobile app. This innovative feature relies on a combination of smartphone connectivity and internet connection. When a user sends an open request from the app, it triggers an encrypted message broadcasted over secure channels to the car’s built-in receiver for authentication and execution of the command. 

Calling the Onstar Advisor

By calling the OnStar Advisor, you can unlock your car with just a few simple steps. Once connected to an OnStar representative, they must verify your identity for security reasons. After confirming your account details, the advisor will send a signal to your vehicle’s onboard computer system.

How Much Does Onstar Cost to Unlock Your Car?

With prices starting at just $14.99 per month for their basic connectivity package, OnStar provides an affordable option for those looking to stay connected on the go.

OnStar offers a specialized package priced at $29.99 per month for those seeking additional peace of mind regarding safety and security. This package includes automatic crash response, emergency services, and roadside assistance. It’s like having a personal guardian angel on hand whenever needed.

Well, you know – the minimum monthly cost of Onstar service to remotely unlock your vehicle is $14.99.

Can Onstar Unlock My Car Without Subscription?

No, Onstar cannot unlock your car without a subscription. Onstar services require an active subscription to access its features, including remote unlocking. Onstar relies on a cellular network and dedicated equipment installed in your vehicle to provide these services.

The subscription fee covers the cost of maintaining the infrastructure required for remote unlocking and supports other valuable features like emergency assistance, vehicle diagnostics, and stolen vehicle recovery. 

By subscribing to Onstar services, you gain peace of mind knowing that you can access a wide range of practical and potentially life-saving features whenever needed.

Wait to fret if you are locked out of your car without an active Onstar subscription. Many roadside assistance programs offered by insurance companies or automobile clubs include lockout service as a standard feature. 

Also, locksmiths are always there to help in such situations (though their fees vary). So, while having an active OnStar subscription offers convenience and additional benefits for unlocking your car remotely, alternative options are available even if you’re without one.

Can Onstar Unlock My Car with a Dead Battery?

No, OnStar cannot unlock a car with a dead battery. While OnStar offers various services, including remote lock and unlock, it relies on the vehicle’s battery power. With a power supply, even OnStar is rendered effective. So, if you find yourself locked out of your car with a dead battery, you must explore other options.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some newer models may have Passive Access or Smart Access, which allows entry into the vehicle even with a dead battery. This technology uses external sensors to detect the proximity key fob and automatically unlocks the doors when it is within range. But not all vehicles are equipped with this feature, so it’s essential to check your car’s specifications beforehand.

4 Reasons Why Can’t Onstar Unlock Your Car

Can OnStar Unlock My Car Without Subscription

Many instances exist when we rely on technology to make our lives easier, including the convenience of OnStar unlocking our cars. However, there may be times when this feature does not work as expected. Here are four reasons why OnStar might be unable to unlock your car.

1. Remote Access Limitations:

OnStar’s ability to remotely unlock your car depends on several factors. First, your vehicle must have an active subscription with a compatible service plan. Additionally, there needs to be a cellular signal available in the area where you’re trying to access the service. If there is no signal or it’s weak, OnStar might be unable to communicate with your car effectively.

2. Technical Glitches:

Like any other technology, OnStar can experience technical issues preventing it from remotely unlocking your car. It could be a glitch in their system or an issue specific to your vehicle model or software version. In such cases, the best action is to contact customer support for assistance or wait until the problem is resolved.

3. Battery Drain:

If your car battery is depleted or disconnected, remote unlocking through OnStar won’t work as it requires a power supply within the vehicle itself. Therefore, always ensure your vehicle’s battery has enough charge and is appropriately connected before relying on this feature.

4. Security Protocols:

To ensure the safety and security of vehicles equipped with OnStar services, specific protocols must be followed for remote unlocking requests.


While OnStar does offer a range of remote services for its subscribers, unlocking a car without a subscription is not one of them. The ability to remotely unlock a vehicle is reserved exclusively for those with an active OnStar subscription. 

This policy ensures their customers’ security and privacy and prevents unauthorized vehicle access. If you do not currently have an active OnStar subscription and find yourself locked out of your vehicle, you should contact a professional locksmith or roadside assistance service. Remember to always read the terms and conditions of any service before assuming that certain features are available without a subscription.

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