How Does the OnStar Guardian App Work

How Does the OnStar Guardian App Work and What Does it Do

In the modern and rapidly changing world, ensuring safety and protection holds immense importance for individuals who lead active lives. Envision having a personal protector accompanying you, always prepared to aid in any critical situation, regardless of your location. With the evolution of technology, we are granted access to a diverse range of applications that facilitate constant connectivity and security. Among these innovations, the OnStar Guardian App stands out as a groundbreaking solution, engineered to supply users with an additional level of safety no matter their whereabouts. But how does the OnStar Guardian app work? and what exactly does it do?

The inner workings of the OnStar Guardian App, Its features, and the benefits it offers to users seeking peace of mind in an increasingly unpredictable world. Explore the myriad features that make it an indispensable tool for personal safety.

What is the OnStar Guardian App

How Does the OnStar Guardian App Work

The Guardian App (OnStar) is a remarkable innovation that offers an extra layer of protection and assurance for drivers. This powerful app allows users to extend the safety features of their vehicles beyond just being on the road, bringing a new level of security wherever they go. With the OnStar Guardian App, users can take advantage of services like emergency assistance, location sharing, and roadside assistance, all accessible at their fingertips.

The feature of the OnStar Guardian App is its ability to provide an automatic crash response. In the unfortunate event of an accident where airbags are deployed, the app instantly alerts an Emergency-Certified Advisor who will quickly assess the situation and connect with emergency services if necessary. This app also stands out for its Family Safety features like location sharing, allowing users to keep tabs on family members’ whereabouts and receive notifications when they safely reach their destinations. Moreover, for added convenience and support during unexpected car troubles on the road, roadside assistance is available at any time through this amazing app.

What Does the OnStar Guardian App Do

The OnStar Guardian App is an innovative app that provides 24/7 Emergency Services to users, including non-GM vehicle owners. It offers location alerts and connects users with Emergency-Certified Advisors in case of accidents or medical incidents. This app provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind for families, especially for parents with teenage drivers. The immediate response capability of the app can be life-saving in critical situations. The amazing features of the OnStar Guardian App are discussed below.

1. Offers Emergency Services

The OnStar Guardian app provides emergency services beyond navigation and vehicle diagnostics.

  • Automatic crash response and roadside assistance.
  • The app can alert emergency responders in case of an accident.
  • Beneficial for solo travelers and those with long commutes.
  • The Family Safety Alert feature allows safety check-ins and notifications for non-response.
  • Integrates with compatible devices for hands-free access.
  • Ensures important emergency services are readily accessible when needed.

2. Provides Roadside Assistance

  • Request immediate assistance for flat tires, and overheated engines.
  • Provides emergency fuel deliveries, jump-starts, unlocking car doors, and towing services.
  • Integration with advanced vehicle diagnostics for real-time updates on the vehicle’s health and performance.
  • Alerts about potential issues and allows for preventive measures and informed decisions on repairs and maintenance.

3. Shares Your Location

The OnStar Guardian app shares location with loved ones for peace of mind.

  • Users can grant permission for family and friends to track their location in real time.
  • Customizable alerts notify selected individuals if the user doesn’t arrive at a destination on time.
  • Crash detection technology automatically contacts emergency services in an accident.
  • The OnStar Guardian app enhances overall security and brings peace of mind to drivers and loved ones.

4. Activates safety alerts

The OnStar Guardian app tracks vehicle status and location and provides comprehensive safety features.

  • Activates safety alerts for emergencies like car accidents, airbag deployments, natural disasters, and vehicle thefts.
  • Provides real-time notifications and allows users to take immediate action.
  • Offers peace of mind and an additional layer of security in any situation.

5. Detects Crushes

The OnStar Guardian App has a crush detection feature that detects collisions with parked vehicles.

  • Instant notification on a smartphone if a collision occurs.
  • Helps prevent surprises like dented doors or hit-and-runs.
  • Provides evidence for insurance claims.
  • Connects to OnStar advisors for assistance.
  • Ensures car safety even when not driving.

6. Acts as a Virtual Bodyguard

  • Smartphone crash response and roadside assistance.
  • The app automatically detects crashes and notifies emergency responders of the location.
  • SafeTrip feature allows users to send digital security escort requests to trusted contacts.
  • GPS tracking allows loved ones to monitor the user’s route in real-time without compromising privacy.
  • The app serves as more than a standard safety tool, providing comprehensive assistance during emergencies.

How Does the OnStar Guardian App Work

The OnStar Guardian app is a powerful tool that provides peace of mind and added security for drivers. With its seamless integration with your mobile device, this app allows you to stay connected to loved ones and emergency services in case of an accident or other emergency situation. But how does the OnStar Guardian App work? The app uses advanced technology to detect when your vehicle has been involved in a crash. In such instances, it automatically sends an alert to the OnStar Emergency-Certified Advisors who will promptly reach out to you and provide assistance. The following steps will guide you through understanding how to use the OnStar Guardian app and its functionalities.

  • Download and install the OnStar Guardian App on your smartphone, and sign in with OnStar credentials.
  • Set up profiles for each family member using the app.
  • Enable location services for accurate location determination in emergencies.
  • Activating a profile alerts OnStar’s Emergency-Certified Advisors.
  • Advisors assess the situation and contact emergency responders if necessary.
  • Advisors can communicate with users through hands-free calling for more information or instructions.
  • Advisors have access to medical information stored in profiles for first responders.

The OnStar Guardian app offers features like location sharing and roadside assistance, making it a versatile tool for any driver. By simply granting permission on your device, you can give selected contacts access to your location information, allowing them to track your whereabouts during long trips or when driving alone at night. And should you face car trouble like a flat tire or dead battery, the roadside assistance feature enables you to request help with just a few taps on your phone.

Is the OnStar Guardian App Free

How Does the OnStar Guardian App Work

The OnStar Guardian app is a revolutionary tool that provides added safety and security for individuals on the go. But, is it free? No, The OnStar Guardian app comes with a monthly subscription fee of $15.99 for non-GM vehicle owners in the United States. But, this expense can differ based on where you are and the type of vehicle you own.

Though some might contend that this cost appears high, it’s vital to weigh the advantages tied to the app’s premium attributes. With OnStar Guardian, users gain access to 24/7 emergency services, including automatic crash response and roadside assistance. The app also allows you to easily stay connected with loved ones through safety notifications and location sharing.

Is OnStar Guardian the Same as OnStar?

OnStar Guardian is a new and exciting feature that expands on the capabilities of OnStar, but they are not exactly the same. While both OnStar and OnStar Guardian offer emergency assistance services, there are some key differences between the two. One major distinction is that OnStar Guardian is not limited to just vehicles equipped with OnStar hardware. Accessible via the standalone app on any compatible mobile phone, it extends its usability to everyone. Even without an OnStar-equipped vehicle, you can enjoy the safety and security benefits offered by OnStar Guardian.

While OnStar primarily concentrates on vehicle-related emergencies, like accidents or breakdowns, OnStar Guardian goes further. It offers personal safety services wherever you are, bringing peace of mind when walking alone at night or in unfamiliar places. With features such as location sharing and instant access to emergency responders, it’s akin to having a vigilant guardian angel regardless of your location.

Moreover, If you desire a complete understanding of OnStar’s accuracy and benefits, how to activate it, and whether is OnStar worth it? Including its features and free trials, then embark on a journey of learning and exploration to become acquainted with GM’s OnStar technology.

Final Thoughts

The OnStar Guardian app offers a range of features that enhance personal safety and peace of mind. Offering emergency aid and location sharing, as well as presenting vigilant notifications and surveillance for family members, this application is crafted to maintain your continuous connection and security. Boasting a user-friendly interface and effortless synchronization with your vehicle’s OnStar system, the OnStar Guardian app emerges as an essential resource for individuals aiming to elevate their safety while driving. Regardless of whether you’re navigating solo or have relatives dispersed across various vehicles, this app guarantees prompt assistance with just a simple tap. So why wait? Download the OnStar Guardian app today and experience the added security it brings to your everyday life.


Can OnStar Guardian app unlock my car?

The OnStar Guardian app cannot directly unlock your car, but an advisor can assist remotely. It is a reliable solution for lockouts and offers peace of mind for drivers.

What is the price of OnStar Guardian?

OnStar Guardian is a safety and security service that can be added to existing OnStar subscriptions or used as a standalone service for $14.99 per month. It offers features such as automatic crash response, emergency services coordination, location sharing, and roadside assistance. Many find the price worth it for the level of protection it provides.

Is Guardian app worth it?

The Guardian app is a popular source for unbiased and quality journalism, with a sleek design and user-friendly interface. It delivers global news stories from diverse perspectives, fostering an informed society. The app engages readers through interactive content and offers personalized notifications.

Does Phone Guardian hide my search history?

No, phone Guardian is a security app that protects against malware and hacking but does not hide search history. Other tools like private browsing and VPNs can hide search history. It is important to understand the functions of privacy tools before relying on them.

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