How to Get My Keys Out of My Locked Car -8 Solutions Might Work

Imagine locking yourself out of your car, we have all been there, and believe me it is a dreadful experience. The embarrassment is also out of this world trying to get in your car like a thief. But don’t worry you are not alone and this accident occurs with many of us. Some people seem to have the habit of locking themselves out of their cars. And this claim for mine is not baseless as AAA gets almost 4,000,000 reports of people locking themselves out of their cars and asking for help. That’s a huge number. Now you might be wondering how to get my keys out of my locked car. I will tell you all the possible solutions that can work for you.

Always Keep a Spare Key

How to Get My Keys Out of My Locked Car

I also got locked out of my car twice the previous year and tell you what it is a panicking thing indeed. But I was lucky and got saved by the spare set of keys I own. The best way to cope with this situation is to get a spare set of keys made for your car. Spare key spares you time and a lot of worry. That being said if you buy a new car ask the dealership to have a second key made. Even better get a pair of keys. Keep one as a primary key. The second key should be in your wallet or bag that you keep with you all the time. The third one should be entrusted to your close friend or family member. You will not have to worry about being locked out of your car by having spare keys.

How to Get My Keys Out of My Locked Car

All things aside, you don’t have a spare key now what to do? Well, you can try the following tricks and hope to get that door unlocked. 

Unlock the Door with Fishing Lines

How to Get My Keys Out of My Locked Car

If you have an old model car, that features an old manual lock system, the chances of getting back in your car are great. You will need a fishing line or a string for this method to work. Take the string and make a loop in the middle. The idea is to get the string inside the door through the cracks and try to get the lock hooked in the loop.

If you can get to this step successfully all you need is to tighten the loop around the lock and pull it to unlock the door. Voila the door is open and now you can hit the road. This method can also work with shoelace but it will just make it more difficult so using strings is recommended.

Use a Coat Hanger

Another way of getting in your car is using a coat hanger. You can use any type of metal rod but it should be firm and flexible enough that you can bend to shape it according to your desire. What you will want to do with the hanger is to straighten and and then create a hook to manipulate the door lock. Insert the hanger into the door through the crack and try to manipulate the lock into the unlock position. This process will require patience and calmness so don’t get frustrated and impatient.

Use an Inflatable Wedge

If you are a person who is habitual in locking themselves out of their cars then you should keep an inflatable wedge with you all the time. This helps you a lot in case you are locked out of your car just insert the wedge in the door jamb inflate it and there is a gap produced between the door and the interior. Now you can easily insert a coat hanger or a string and unlock your door.

You can also use the wedge if you have a tiny gap in your window. Place the wedge in there and inflate it until the gap is large enough to insert your arm to operate the locks or open your window completely.

Use Mobile App

How to Get My Keys Out of My Locked Car

One of the best features that are coming with the newer car models is that they can be operated with their mobile app like onstar . When you buy a new car you can download an app developed by the car manufacturer that gives you access to many features like locating your car if you have lost it, remotely turning on your car engines, honking the horn, turning on the headlights to tell you the vehicle’s location, rolling down the windows and guess what? The app also lets you unlock and lock your car. Almost all of the new cars have these features that are controllable by the mobile app. Some examples of these apps are:

  • Toyota App by Toyota
  • My Nissan by Nissan
  • Tesla App by Tesla

And the list goes on as most of the car manufacturers have developed their apps.

Call Auto Locksmith

Nothing has worked for you and you are in a desperate condition and want to get back in your car badly. Well, then your local locksmith can rescue you. These people specialize in unlocking your car and have practiced unlocking cars for years just to get you out of this difficulty and get you rolling again. They have all the tools required to help them in this job and they can professionally and easily get you in your car in a short amount of time without damaging your car.

Call AAA or your Insurance Company

 American Automobile Association can help you if you have their membership. They can get a professional sent over to you to help you. Also, many insurance companies offer assistance when you are locked out of your car. But the number of times they are going to help is limited and mentioned in your insurance policy. Refer to your insurance policy and if they offer this service call them to get to help you back in your car.

Call the Police

Calling for a locksmith or your insurance company is sure handy but they take their sweet time before arriving. You might be in a position where you can’t afford to wait. Like you have an infant in the car or you have a pet and the car is locked and its scorching outside. In this case, you need immediate help, and calling 911 for help will be the best-case scenario. 

Police can help to get in your car as they have slim jims but this method only works with old cars and if you have a newer model it can damage the car door. If that is the case the last resort would be forcefully entering the car by breaking the car window and opening the door. Life is far more valuable and irreplaceable, unlike your car’s window. 

How to Avoid Being Locked Out of Your Car?

Well, this can be avoided by:

  • Checking that you have taken your keys with you while coming out of the car.
  • Check that the lock system of your door is working properly.
  • Don’t leave your car in haste and be attentive.

That being said I strongly believe that no one intentionally leaves their keys in their car but being careful can prevent you from all this hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I do if I accidentally lock my keys in my car?

You can unlock the door by using a spare set of keys, string, fishing line, coat hanger, or a slim jim.

Can I use Slim Jim to unlock my car?

You can unlock your car door by using Slim Jim, but you should be aware of how to handle the tool otherwise you can damage your car or get injured if you mishandle the tool.

Can I unlock my car with my smartphone?

Yes, you can unlock your car through your phone if you have your car manufacturer app downloaded in your phone.

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