OnStar Free for 3 Years and 5 Years

How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years and 5 Years

OnStar is a car navigation and emergency crash response system owned by GM. It gives directions, emergency help, and traffic updates. It also helps with stolen vehicles, crashes, and roadside assistance. It shows directions on the car screen or through sound. It gives free services for a certain amount of time. The article talks about getting OnStar Free for 3 Years or longer.

Is There a Free OnStar Plan?

OnStar Free for 3 Years and 5 Years

Yes, there is a free OnStar plan available called the Basic Plan. This plan offers limited access to certain features and services provided by OnStar. While it may not include all the benefits of a paid subscription, such as emergency assistance or navigation, it still allows access to features like remote vehicle diagnostics and the ability to locate your vehicle in case of theft.

A compatible vehicle must be equipped with OnStar hardware to qualify for the free Basic Plan. This plan is only available for a limited period after purchasing a new vehicle. After the trial period ends, you must upgrade to a paid subscription to continue using OnStar services.

How Long Is OnStar Free?

OnStar offers a free trial period that usually lasts for 30 days. However, specific vehicle model years are eligible for an extended trial period of 90 days or three months. This comprehensive offer applies to Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles manufactured in 2015 or later.

During the trial period, users can enjoy several features, such as vehicle power control through the mobile app, crash response services, and turn-by-turn navigation service. After the trial ends, subscribing to one of OnStar’s plans becomes necessary to continue accessing their extensive services.

How to Get OnStar Free for 3 Years?

If you’re looking to get OnStar for free for three years, there’s a simple and convenient way to achieve that. All you have to do is buy or lease a brand-new GM vehicle. By purchasing or leasing one of these vehicles, you automatically qualify for this fantastic offer from OnStar.

A few conditions need to be met to take advantage of this promotion. First, the vehicle should have at least 8,000 miles on it. This ensures that you have been using the vehicle and would benefit from OnStar services.

the vehicle must be connected to an active OnStar account. This connection enables seamless communication and access to all of OnStar’s features and benefits.

Another requirement is that your newly acquired vehicle must pass a safety inspection. This ensures the car is in good condition and meets all the necessary safety standards.

If you’re already an owner of a GM vehicle but are still interested in this amazing deal, don’t worry! There are special discounts or promotions available for you. To find out what offers apply to existing owners, it’s best to contact either OnStar directly or your local dealership.

How to Get OnStar Free for 5 Years?

OnStar only offers some customers five years of free service in general. However, they provide a unique 5-year basic plan for particular model years of newly purchased GM vehicles. 

This basic plan includes helpful features such as:

  • diagnostics service
  • Remote vehicle control
  • Maintenance notification. 

 To check availability, contact the dealership or OnStar directly. 

How Much is OnStar with WiFi?

OnStar Free for 3 Years and 5 Years

OnStar offers two unlimited in-vehicle data or Wi-Fi plans: Premium Plan and Connected Vehicle Plan.

Connected Vehicle Plan costs $24.99/month for continuous connectivity on the go.

Premium Plan costs $49.99/month for more features.

A minimum monthly payment of $24.99 is required for both plans.

OnStar allows customers to stay connected during their journeys with features like streaming music and browsing the internet.

How Do I Get OnStar in My Car?

OnStar can be activated by pressing the OnStar button in your GM vehicle or through the mobile app

OnStar kits can be purchased to add the feature to certain GM car models

If you’re wondering how to get OnStar in your car, there are several ways to activate this convenient service. 

The first and simplest way is by pressing the dedicated OnStar button in your GM vehicle. You can access the full range of OnStar features with just a button press.

Another option is to sign up through your GM account.

If you prefer a more direct approach, call OnStar directly and speak with their customer service representatives, who will guide you through the setup process.

There is still a solution for those who own specific GM car models that do not come equipped with OnStar. OnStar kits are available for purchase, allowing you to add this helpful feature to compatible vehicles. 

These kits include everything needed to install and activate OnStar so that you can benefit from its services immediately.

Final WordsOnStar Free for 3 Years and Five Years.

If you want to get OnStar Free for 3 Years or five years, there are a few practical ways to make this happen. First and foremost, it’s important to watch for any offers or promotions that may be available from General Motors or OnStar. These can often include free trial periods or extended subscriptions at no extra cost. 

Consider bundling OnStar with other services or features when purchasing a new vehicle. Dealerships sometimes offer incentives such as free OnStar subscriptions for several years as part of a larger package deal.

Don’t underestimate the power of negotiation. When leasing or financing a vehicle, discuss your desire to have an extended free trial or subscription with the dealership’s finance department. They may be willing to work out a special arrangement on your behalf to secure your business and build customer loyalty.

By staying vigilant for promotional offers, exploring bundle options when buying a new car, and negotiating with dealerships during the purchasing process, you greatly increase your chances of enjoying the benefits of OnStar without having to pay out-of-pocket expenses for three years or even five years. Remember that persistence pays off — so don’t hesitate to explore all possible avenues in order to secure an extended period of complimentary service from OnStar.

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